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The System 7 Carbon Evo folding helmet provides maximum comfort and safety. The full carbon helmet shell is extremely lightweight and offers ultimate impact protection. The Multi-directional Impact Protection system (MIPS) reduces the rotational movement of the head in the event of an impact, thus reducing the risk of brain injuries.

5 year guarantee on all helmets

We have great news for you: We are extending our warranty on all helmets from 2 to 5 years - including retroactively for purchases made since 1 January 2020. The warranty covers material and manufacturing defects on the product. The warranty extension does not cover installed BMW Motorrad communication systems.

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Product highlights
  • Flip-front helmet with quadruple-joint mechanism.

  • Extremely compact even when not folded.

  • Full carbon helmet shell.

  • Optimised aerodynamics and aeroacoustics.

  • Only as big as absolutely necessary thanks to two helmet shell sizes.

  • Inner shell made of multi-segmented expanded polystyrene.

  • Newly developed interior with water-repellent materials.

  • Double visor: anti-fogging inner visor; outer visor with scratch-resistant coating on inside and outside.

  • Effective ventilation for head and visor.

  • Integrated sun visor, operated via slide control.

  • Large, extremely effective spoiler.

  • Chin guard opened by means of central button.

  • Chin-strap with snap buckle, integrated neck straps to keep the helmet firmly in position on the rider's head.

  • Optimised visor mechanics and visor seal.

  • Can be converted rapidly into a jet helmet with no tools.

Key data
  • Shell material: 40% carbon fibre, 40% multiaxial glass fibre, 20% carbon/aramid fibre, epoxy.

  • Padding/visor material: expanded polystyrene, polyurethane, polyester, polycarbonate.

Safety features
  • Ultimate impact absorption and lightweight design with maximum rigidity.

  • MIPS reduces the rotational movement of the head on impact.

  • New ECE2206 homologation.