Charlottenburg Trousers

SKU 76118504686

High-quality and authentic - this is the Charlottenburg trousers. Besides having a high-quality look, the trousers are practical for everyday use. They sport elastic inserts on the knees, three pockets as well as NP Flex protectors on the hips and knees.

Product highlights
  • High-quality leather trousers in an authentic style
  • Copper-coloured zip fasteners
  • Elastic inserts on the knees
  • NP Flex protectors for hips and knees
  • Height-adjustable NP Flex protectors on knees
  • Three pockets
  • Standardised BMW Motorrad zip fastener connector on waist, 40 cm
  • Certified as per EN 17092-3:2020 (Level AA)
  • Material: 100% cowhide leather